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The cold, the heat, the weather, skin dryness. What to do when the skin is exposed to a strong climate change?

Climatis, Climatic Protective Balm restores and creates a protective lipid film on the skin, which acts as a protection against bad environmental influences (cold, wind, bad weather, moving from warm spaces to the outside cold, etc.)

It is a daily care balm for of all skin types; it is particularly effective on weather exposed skin. It is also recommended for the care of extremely dry skin during the winter months. It has a rich creamy structure in a form that provides a sense of comfort and softness of the skin.

The unique combination of active ingredients enhances the natural protective layer of the epidermis and creates the optimal skin conditions. The MS3P complex (Matis Survie Triple Protection) offers triple protection:
• Combines plant extracts, which are known for outstanding resilience and survival in harsh natural environments, and fatty extracts derived from the gold Laminaria Ochroleuca algae, acting as a global protection of the very core of the cells.
• The Complex helps protect the epidermis from thermal shocks (cold, heat) and UVA / UVB light rays as it contains exceptionally viscous double plant oil.
• A nourishing and regenerating cream component consists of: cocum-butter, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and shea-butter, rich in triglycerides and vitamins A, D, E and F.

Results: The skin is ready to resist extreme climatic conditions, it is moisturized and additionally protected with nutritive components providing skin comfort.

Matis advises: Apply the cream in the morning and evening onto a perfectly cleansed face and neck. The product is dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types, especially for skin exposed to harsh and cold. Excellent creamy texture pampers your skin every day and is especially recommended as a daily product for dry skin care.