We are introducing a new facial care procedure with exceptional results that will surely convince you.

Electroporation (EP pulses)

EP is a process that occurs in the cell membrane under the influence of short-term (milliseconds) high-intensity electro-shocks that cause reversible changes in the structure of the cell membrane (especially in lipid components), creating micro-channels. EP is safe because it does not damage the cell membrane and allows the uptake of the active substances into a single cell. It stimulates the cell to pinocytosis (cell drinking).

We achieve the introduction of molecules which otherwise cannot or poorly pass through the membrane, into the cell. It has been used in medicine for 50 years.
It is used for the introduction of active substances into the cell, including chemotherapeutic agents and DNA. In recent years, it has been increasingly used in aesthetic medicine.

It combines electroporation and radio frequency magnetic action. We recommend and enzymatic or diamond peeling before the procedure to remove the epidermis. During the process, the permeability of the cell membrane is temporarily altered, causing the intracellular channels to open and penetrate through them into the cell.

The procedure results in the reorganization of the cells.

Electroporation uses an alternating voltage that spans the cells of the epidermis, which opens the space between the cells, allowing the passage or spread of the active substances through the skin. Studies show that electroporation is 500 times more effective than iontophoresis.


Most active substances pass through the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which is quite inefficient as it covers only 0.1% of the skin surface. The number of trans-epidermal pathways is 500 times greater with electroporation. Electroporation allows the introduction of macro- and micro-molecules and is comparable to the infection of active ingredients into the skin.


• Facial rejuvenation
• Expressive wrinkles
• Accelerating hair growth
• Cellulite
• Lightening of hyperpigmentation
• Neck and face firming