Aqua clean Space Oxygen


The results of Acqua clean Space Oxygen bring immediate and long-term skin health benefits that you can see and feel.

The procedure actively affects a variety of skin problems at the same time, including acne, fine lines, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, uneven complexion, and clogged pores. Medical centers and dermatologists recommend treatments for those clients who want to improve the texture or quality of the skin and remove minor surface imperfections.

Immediate results with one procedure!

• We improve the structure of the epidermis and strengthen its protective function.
• We reduce hyperpigmentation, unify and lighten skin complexion.
• We eliminate acne, oily and impure skin problems.
• We reduce the irregularities and smooth the surface of the skin significantly.
• We improve skin firmness and elasticity, reduce fine lines and slow skin aging.

You can have what you need for quality care in one place. All cosmetic products are integrated into one appliance. The guaranteed result within 50 minutes without compression and tissue damage. All this in more is InnoFacial. A revolutionary system that will reduce your skincare time by 60 %, reduce the consumption of salon cosmetics, ease your hands, attract clients and teens because of a pleasant cleansing of pores and acne. It is 100 % safe and a choice of every modern salon.

Be a happy customer with extraordinary results and a unique success story!

• Great for all skin types and skin conditions.
• It provides effective and immediate results.
• There are no irritations and consequences.
• No abrasive risks.
• Complete procedure.
• Long-lasting results.
• It only takes 30 minutes and 20 minutes for the mask.


• Removal of dead skin cells.


• Removal of sebum.
• Removal skin waste.


• Removal of impurities.
• Removal grease from pores.


• Intake of active Moisturizers and nutrients.