Hair Removal

Perron Rigot Hair Removal

Non-strip waxes are perfect for all body areas and especially the most sensitive areas (face, armpit, and bikini).
These waxes are perfect for removing hard, shaven, short and difficult hair.
They are highly appreciated in cases with of varicose vein problems.
Supple and non-brittle, these non-strip waxes offer ultra-high performance, encapsulating the hair for clean results.
Benefits of Perron Rigot hair removal:
•    Less painful hair removal;
•    easier access to difficult to reach areas (bikini, armpit, face);
•    Suitability for sensitive skin and skin with capillaries;
•    Quality ingredients;
•    Less ingrown hair;
•    The hairs do not break during the treatment;
•    Different waxes for different types of skin and hair;
•    The skin is soft and smooth after the treatment.

Waxing wax is quite an effective method of hair removal because it takes up to four weeks before the procedure needs to be repeated.

It is carried out with wax and strips.

After the hair removal, the excess wax is cleaned with special oil, and then the skin is soothed with oils.

We also do the Brazilian wax.

 Flossing is an ancient oriental hair removal technique on the face.
It is a painless way to shape eyebrows and remove excess hair on the face.