It is an extremely effective method for eliminating fat deposits on the most critical parts of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, and at the same time, positive changes in muscle tones and cellulite condition are observed in a very short time.

Electrostimulation stimulates peripheral blood flow, improves cell metabolism, and this increases fat consumption. This reduces the volume of critical body parts. It acts on the muscle and it firms the tissue, which has lost its tonus and flexibility due to its cellulite state. This further reduces the build-up of fat while shaping the muscle structure. It also improves the elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous fibers, thereby visibly improving skin tone and reducing skin defects (stretch marks).

Electrostimulation causes irritation of motoric nerve fibers by electrical impulses. Doing so causes muscle contraction similar to their conscious contraction. It provides optimal muscle contraction with the least amount of energy possible, making stimulation more enjoyable and effective. With non-invasive technology, we can adjust the stimulation parameters to the individual and the selected muscles.




• Low frequency affects fat cells. Reduces fat and improves blood circulation in the fat cells. Suitable for all body parts.
• It flexes and tightens muscles and removes fat from the deeper layers. It is suitable for people who have more fat.
• It flexes and tightens the muscles. Suitable for the top layer of the fat, it has an excellent tightening effect.
•  Continuous waves to improve lymphatic circulation and reduce fat cells.
• Pulsation waves to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation.

Electrostimulation is performed on the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, legs and upper arms.