Facial care

Basic Cleansing Care
We clean the face surface cleanser, and then soften the skin under with vapozon using steam, exfoliation and deep clean the face of blackheads and subcutaneous milia. We shape eyebrows with tweezers, disinfect the skin with high frequency. Depending on the needs of the skin nutritional ampoule is selected and the iontophoresis is applied to the skin. The treatment is concluded with a mask corresponding to the skin type.

Intense Vitamin and Energy Care
Like all facials it includes basic cleansing care with the addition of vitamin booster (an aromatis chosen according to the needs of the skin), lifting, oxygen, moisture recovery (60% of the active substance given just before rubbing into the skin). After the massage, the facial skin stays shiny and nourished.

Facial Care for Men
For oily and mixed-type skin, we recommend the basic Cleansing care. We also recommend vitamin and energy-intensive care, which nourishes and revitalizes the skin.

Prestigious – Caviar Treatment with The Impression Mask for the Eyes
When we want to achieve an intensive deep skin rejuvenation, the special caviar package is used. After basic cleansing care with caviar, the skin caviar mask is massaged into the skin. The eyes receive a special mask prepared moments before application from two ampoules of top quality products. It drains and cleans the area around the eyes, follicles and bags disappear, the eyes are rested, the skin around the eyes is rejuvenated and toned.

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