Manicure and gel nail extensions.

Hands have an important role when we communicate with other people . Nowadays, beautiful nails and manicured hands are not only aesthetic decoration, but above all the need and the style of modern women.

Only healthy hands and nails will shine in all its beauty. If you also design and model nails with the help of artificial materials or nurture them naturally with special products, you should always use products that benefit the fingernail and not damage them.

Nail extension conducted by Alessandro Soft gel and using UV light without chemicals do not harm the natural nail.


NailSpa is the first innovative product of the Alessandro International Company, which was developed on the basis of professional nail care along with knowledge of aromatherapy. This unique combination of professional skills, the performance of active ingredients together with sensual experience of fantastic fragrances, essential oils and manicure-friendly textures turns the manicure into a well-being of the body and spirit.

Three different lines of products are made to fit a person. Depending on the different types of nails, they offer optimum product selection which offers the possibility of a problem fingernail re-growth, while giving healthy fingernails optimal care and protection.

NailSPAcontrol Rose includes products for fragile and split nails.
NailSPAmanicurewith lotus flower is a comprehensive care system for all types of nails.
NailSPAcontrol with lavender contains products for thin and soft nails.