Microneedling – Photoaging


The most effective non-surgical therapy for:

elimination of stretch marks, wrinkles, scars and alopecia (hair loss) Complement your BodyContouring offer with a therapy that is used also by dermatologists

– minimally invasive rejuvenation therapy
– stimulation of collagen synthesis
– stimulation of healing
– renewal of the epidermis


Do you know that…

stretch marks or medically named “striae distensae” occur in both women and men at different stages of life. They are not a disease, but women feel marked in some way.

What are stretch marks and how they occur?

Stretch marks or striae distensae (sin. Striae gravidarum) are a common side effect on the skin. They occur in 50-90% of pregnant women, with rapid weight gain (obesity), muscle hypertrophy (bodybuilders), endocrinopathy (such as Cushing’s syndrome), breast enlargement or as a side effect of corticosteroid use and abuse. They are most commonly seen on thighs, abdomen, chest and upper arms in men.

How to get rid of them?

Stretch marks are truly stubborn skin irregularity which until recently has been considered irremovable. Today, it is clinically proven that microneedling is the only effective therapy that successfully resolves stretch marks in as many as 80%.





The term “photoaging” is a neologism that was created in 1986 and describes the effects of chronic skin exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) (Kligman & Kligman, 1986), especially to the sun, as well as UV radiation from artificial sources (solarium).

Photoaging thus means premature skin aging caused by lifelong exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Clinical signs of photoaging include dehydrated and thickened epidermis; skin is droopy, loose and inelastic, wrinkles are emphasized, pigmentation is increased, enlarged capillaries are present.

If the skin is not properly cared for (protection) and the harmful damage caused by UV radiation is eliminated, photoaging progresses. Due to the accumulation of photo-injuries, premalignant lesions (solar keratoses) appear and the skin becomes irreversibly rigid and leathery.

While artificial sources of UV radiation can be avoided by conscious choice, sun exposure cannot be avoided (any outdoor trip means exposure to UV irrespective of the season). Despite the regular use of different quality sun protection products (shades, clothing, cosmetics), there is no complete protection.

The most extensive photodamage of the skin and thus breakdown and loss of collagen occur precisely in the summer, as we are most exposed to the sun in relation to the year-round average.

Thus, in addition to advanced photo-damaged skin protocols, the use of microneedling therapy is highly recommended in the remediation of repair of photodamaged skin. Microneedling is the most effective technique for rebuilding collagen, as it promotes the production of collagen without its degradation.


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