We recommend


Linking cosmetics and aesthetic medicine at your beauty salon for outstanding results

It verifiably removes:
– stains
– wrinkles
– acne
– sagging skin
– skin without vitality


Chemical peeling with K – Peels acids

Professional K-peels skin rejuvenation  and care treatments are chemical acid peelings which work in acne problems, stain problems of the skin and deliver outstanding results in skin rejuvenation. Professional products are intended for use in both beauty salons and aesthetic medicine, and have been thoroughly tested.

k-bio-cosmetic-lineK – BIO Bio-revitalization

Professional K-BIO care and skin rejuvenation treatments are a highly concentrated mixture of active ingredients in combination with specific skin treatments and appropriate apparatus giving rapid and long-lasting results. They represent the perfect alternative to invasive methods.


This is a three to five treatment therapy, where we treat each client individually. It usually starts with a cleansing and continues with different facial treatments.

The best results are not achieved in a single care, which comprises all the wishes of customers, the real desired results are achieved through gradual nurturing.

Different facial treatments include humidifying, regenerative treatment and, if necessary, dermabrasion, using all necessary products and apparatus, in order to achieve maximum results.

We have formed a 4 treatment package at the cost of € 240. The price includes all therapy treatments, so a beautician can simply select and work on what is best for you. We will include, free of charge, the latest Matis concentrate for all skin types, which can be used together with your cream at home; your cream will improve with the moisturizers and regenerative substances, protecting and nurturing your skin.

We will ascertain that you bring the best home with you.