Gelish Nail polish

Prolaq offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional UV polish. Using state of the art plastic compositions with added nutrients, Prolaq stands out as more than exceptionally adhesive.

A simple and quick application like a regular polish, stable like a gel for 14+ days.

  • Nourishing base varnish
  • Extremely pigmented colours with exceptional overlay.
  • The brush is precise; it does not stick when applying and does not leave marks.
  • It heartens and strengthens natural nails.
  • A quick and gentle removal using Soak-Off liquid.
  • No scratches, extraordinary colourful shine to the last day.
  • Feeling of lightness on your nails
  • A non-thickening formula
  • Made in the EU in accordance with the guidelines of the European regulation on cosmetic products




oranzna-pikaAcid free, flexible polymers, gentle adhesion

roza-pikaPigments which cover and level the nail plate

zelena-svetla-pikaFast-melting polymers

spiralaSoak-off liquid – gently remover UV polish structure without damaging the nail