Professional Skin Care

Reponse Jeunesse

Réponse Jeunesse – Overhydrating Mask (‘peel off’ mask) for intense hydration
We added a new exclusive treatments to the professional line Reponse Jeunesse Called Total Youth Moisturising Response that will optimize results.

The Overhydrating Mask offers a plant-based alternative to collagen masks in sheets, which are gently dehydrated and infused with active ingredients; these activate once they ate soaked with the Essential Lotion – an intense hydration mask, which helps revitalize the skin, stimulates its cell metabolism and keeps it young. Its special characteristics are:
• a striking structure: biomatrix based on three-dimensional structure algae;
• 4-speed action mechanism regulated by the hydro-mineral system.

It contains natural active substances: alginates, minerals, glycerine, triglycerides, citric acid and others.

Stage 1: Gentle peeling with citric acid stimulates exfoliation of dead skin cells that are glued together with excess fat onto the alginates on the biomatrix / mask.
Phase 2: Extension of the upper layers of the epidermis allows for an optimized permeation of the active ingredients into deep skin.
Phase 3: The gradual diffusion of stimulative and minerally nutritious ingredients into the epidermis.
Stage 4: Moisturizing and skin protection by using glycerine and alginate.

Result: The wrinkles are visibly reduced by up to 27%.